A judicious study of the market can be done

Nor do we affirm that the research process is an unavoidable requirement. Without a doubt. A judicious study of the market can be done before or during the construction of a strategy. Because it can be created with information or optimized while it is executed. What we do insist on is that market research—contracted or experimental. Prior or subsequent—is a fundamental pillar for the creation of successful digital strategies. Recognizing that if experts are hired. The probabilities of success will be higher and. If done before designing the strategy.

This evident importance of market research

Less time will be wasted. Unfortunately. This evident importance b2b leads of market research. To follow trends and protect time. Contrasts with the low attention that this activity currently has for the leaders of organizations and for the general public. A reality that becomes very visible when looking at the behavior of the key term “market research” in the google trends tool . A simple look at the graph clearly shows that — from 004 to today — interest in the term has plummeted.

Change and combat if we want to be more

A behavior that we should review. Change and combat if we HN Lists want to be more assertive in the administration of companies. Search trend for the keyword market research in google colombia. The importance of market research for digital strategy. Recommended video how to make a yearend web analytics report. Let’s master the information collection process and learn how to make a yearend web analytics report for bosses. Prepare your endofyear digital marketing report.

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