5 Simple Tips to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Agency Plan

This KPI can provide inspiring clues. that you are doing a lot of things. right, with successful outcomes. and you are succeeding. at maintaining valuable. relationships with your clients.

3. Bottom Line Profitability Percentage

Bottom Line Profitability Percentage. can show just how profitable your. agency has been during an. accounting period.

Use this to compare with the goals .you set out at the beginning of the year to see whether your own marketing strategy is leading to higher growth.

To calculate your Bottom Line Profitability Percentage, you’ll need two specific pieces of information — revenue and net income (your profits after paying all fees and operational costs).

Divide the net income by your net revenue, then multiply the result by 100 to obtain your profitability percentage.

Time Invested in Project vs. Returns

Essentially, this means taking a look at how much time your team has invested in each marketing project for your agency specifically. Then determine the returns received for each one.

With this data in hand, you’ll be able to how to buy bulk phone numbers determine the profit generated per each hour of marketing work.

At this point, you may need to re-evaluate your current marketing strategies and make improvements.

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5. Social Media Engagement

Today, social media is a crucial component of your growth strategy, and one of the most important marketing agency KPIs to track is social media engagement.

To calculate engagement rates on

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Use what you learn here to improve your content strategy, increase engagement, and grow your business.

Here are just a few simple examples HN Lists  of how to set a KPI goal around Social Media Engagement and experiment with ways to increase interaction with your agency.


Say you want to increase your LinkedIn presence and boost positive interactions on your posts by a certain percentage.

One way to start is to look at what day you gain the newest followers. With this information, you can experiment posting on that day of the week, say Wednesday, to discover if it leads to higher engagements.

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