10 Small Business Challenges and Solutions

This content is a page from an enormous pitch deck. It highlights the features and benefits of a product and can even be used for marketing purposes.

12. Sales presentation

Instead of relying on in-person sales presentations, you can create a video and share it with prospects for a more streamlined approach. This option works well because you can combine audio and visual elements into a complete package.

13. Webinars

A webinar is like a video version of a white paper, but it can also be more promotional. A webinar aims to be informative and answer potential questions that a customer may have about your product.

Finding more ways to win customers

You may be watching the trends, listening to your followers on social media, or tracking what your closest competitors are doing to find new ideas.

You may also be noticing that personalization telephone list strategies are increasing in number, and if so, you are on to something big.

As a matter of fact, quiz funnels are part of those personalization strategies and may be what you need to reach more consumers and turn them into customers.

With such interactive content on the rise, you now have new opportunities to reach your target audience and win them over.


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What Exactly is a Quiz Funnel?

A quiz funnel is an interactive marketing technique that focuses on moving your target audience along a pathway and closer to becoming an actual customer.

Participants voluntarily answer specific HN Lists questions, which then takes them ultimately to a final results page based on their particular responses. 

On this results page will be tailored content such as personalized product or service recommendations.

While the quiz taker learns something about themselves and your offerings in the process, you collect not just contact data but also valuable information about your customers’ interests and preferences which can aid your future campaigns.


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